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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Mobile and Developer Conference.

I happened to visit the Mobile and Embedded DevCon 2004 in Bangalore from 9th to 11th December 2004. This was the first of its kind in India and had a good attendance from all companies. I had volunteered to proctor the hands on labs as well as be part of the Community Booth to spread the awareness of the MVP Program and community related activities.

Day 1. (Keynote and Presentations)
The event opened with the Keynote by Mr. Sanjay Parthasarathy (Corporate Vice President - .NET Platform Stragedy). He spoke on the vision of the future of the mobile Platform and Microsoft's plans for the future of the mobile world. It was an interesting one and also included demos by Kevin Lisota (Product Manager - Mobile and Embedded Devices Group) and Kevin Collins (Senior Director, Developer Tools). The demos included developement of a master-detail report without any coding on Visual Studio .nET 2005 and then deploying it to the pocket pc device. It was very cool to see the great improvement in Visual Studio .nET.

The day's session included various topics on the .NET Compact Framework, .NET Compact Framework Performance Tips and Tricks, Windows CE Internals, Advanced debugging Technique for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded Devices.

I was also managing the Community Booth, speaking of the MVP Program, the benefits of the user groups, guiding the attendees how to become part of the community, giving demos on the Tablet PC and how Ink support works on Tablet PC. We had a Infopath form deployed on the Tablet PC to enable attendees to nominate themselves for Community Chats.

The best moment was demonstrating the ink support on Tablet PC. Now that Windows XP SP2 has provided full support for ink in all applications the features like ink support in notepad and Word drew gasps and excitement from the attendees. I also happened to meet some of my fellow MVPs Pooran Prasad, Suresh Behera and my MVP Lead Abhishek Kant and MVP Community Co-ordinator Ms. Subhashini Simha.

Some leading companies like Motorala, Compaq, Krome, Oswin had showcased their pocket pc devices and embedded products and it was very cool to see the latest devices with full support like a desktop computer. The best of all was O2 which demonstrated their Black XDA II. XDA II now comes with a sliding panel at the back which extends as a keyboard.

In the evening there was a cultural program called Smackdown hosted by Kevin Lisota, Ed Kaim and Kevin Collins. They showed various features of mobile devices and it was a cool program.

Day 2. (Presentations)
Cognizant Technologies showcased their two products for the Pocket PC. They were "Yardelligent" and "Buy your way". Both were terrific applications which showed that the capability of applications for high end servers and desktops can also be extended to the mobile device. The Buy Your way featured a bar code scanner which enabled capturing of data through bar code readers.

Sessions like Smart Device Development on VS.nET 2005, SQL Mobile 2005, Windows CE 5.0, Windows Mobile Development Tips and Tricks drew heavy crowd and most of the attendees had to stand through the entire session. The best session was on Windows CE and Debugging Mobile Applications by Doug Boling. He did the presentation in a very interesting way and also had a bit of humour in the sessions.

I continued my initiatives about the MVP Program and Community initiatives in the Community Booth. The demos on the Tablet PC evoked interest on the second day and definitely a presentation has to be taken to spread the awareness of Tablet PC in India.

Later in the evening there was a contest called Developer IDOL and it included all the speakers at MDC. Questions were posted by the audience and the contestants had to answer them or get eliminated. The contest was won by Doug Boling and he was presented with a paper crown. The program had its share of laughter and humour by the speakers and the attendees.

Also, an exclusive roundtable was arranged for the MVPs, Community Stars and INETA volunteers post the sessions.

Day 3. (Hands on Labs)
The entire day was devoted to hands on labs on various topics like SQL Mobile 2005, .NET Compact Framework and Windows CE 5.0. The labs were proctored by Kevin Collins and Doug Boling and the labs involved using Publishers and subscribers in SQL Mobile, developing an application for the smart device using SQL Mobile and Visual Studio .nET 2005. Also labs were done on developing Windows CE 5.0 applications using Platform Builder and developing a mobile application using the .NET Compact Framework. Since I had volunteered as a proctor for the labs, I had to iron out problems faced by the attendees on the work stations. It went on well except for some hiccups.
There was also a hands on lab on Tablet PC. The lab included developing an ink aware control using Visual Studio .NET on a Tablet PC and it was indeed cool to see the support for Ink in Visual Studio .NET. A book on "Developing Tablet PC Applications" and a CD were given to the attendees who attended this lab.

And that was the end of the Mobile and Embedded DevCon 2004 and it was one of the best event organized here.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Re-awarded as MVP for the 3rd time.

I was re-awarded the MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Award) for the third consecutive time.

I recieved the award for Windows Shell for the second time. Read more about the MVP Program here.

CNUG-IT 2nd meet on October 2nd.

The CNUG-IT second user group meeting was held on 2nd October and totally 16 people attended the event. We had a peer to peer talk to discuss the future of the group and how to enhance the functioning of the user group.

A presentation on Microsoft Operation Manager (MOM) was given.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Windows XP SP2

Yesterday I received my Windows XP SP2 CD and then proceeded to install it on my primary computer (mind the words primary).

Had to take precautions like cleaning out the system with spyware removal tools like Ad-aware and Spy-bot.

Finally after a long time of 2 hours, XP SP2 got installed and then proceeded with the customary steps to inform me how to protect my system. But the funny point is that even though my antivirus scanner was upto date, SP2 cautioned that the antivirus scanner was out of date. May be a future release will check if there are pending updates for antivirus scanners like how it does for windows updates.

Noticed a big deal in performance in the system after SP2. The major ones are:-

1. Outlook Express opening the home page very fast.
2. Browsing speed enhanced with broadband and also loading was instant. for eg. publishing this blog, no animation just a message that the message was uploaded.
3. Navigation in Windows was better and fast than before.
4. Rebooting is much faster even with the usual start up objects around 20.

Would love to hear from you about ur experienced with SP2.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

How really fast is your Internet connection?

Read this interesting article.


And it shows where we are, compared to our US Counterparts in the field of broadband.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

VB used in Ferrari's F1 efforts.

Came across this interesting article which is worth reading.

And I love the fact that Ferrari uses VB for its technology work.

Read about it here.

Thanks to Robert Green for bringing this article to my notice.

Monday, August 30, 2004

CNUG-IT Usergroup session.

Finally myself and Ravickumar (another fellow MVP in Windows Shell) got the CNUG-IT user group of to a start on Saturday with the inauguration held at Microsoft's Regional Office in Chennai. The function was graced by Ms. Shu Fen Cally Ko - Regional Director Community and MVP, Asia Pacific and Greater China Regions.

We had 2 sessions
(1). Power of Windows XP.
(2). Scripting for IT Pros.

Both the sessions evoked great enthuasism and there was a lot of discussions. This user group will be hosting meets every month in Chennai. Come be part of the community at http://groups.msn.com/cnugitgroup.

7th World Championship sealed....

Finally M. Schumacher has clinched his record breaking 7th World Championship with a series of dominating wins this series where he lost only twice, one in Monte Carlo due to a freak accident with Montoya and in Belgium where he couldn't get the better of Kimi Raikkonnen in a accident filled race where the Safety Car had to come out on several occassions.

Well watching the rest of the season will be boring because both the Drivers and Constructor's Championships have been sealed by Ferrari and M. Schumacher.

So will something drastically be done next year to amend the rules so that no one dominates an entire season like M. Schumacher did this year. only wait and see.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Choice narrowed to only 2....

Well I am a fan of Formula One and have been a fan of Ferrari since the last 6 years and have admired how Ferrari works hard to meet the challenges and this inspires me a lot.

With the Belgian grandprix due on Sunday, I follow up the events to each grand prix and observed something interesting. In the past, there would be a poll to determine the people's opinion. they would display a list of drivers who were potential winners and display a list of around 8 drivers so that poeple could vote. The list would be displayed like this.

Who would u think will win Sunday's grand prix?
1. Micheal Schumacher.
2. Rubens Barrichello.
3. Juan Pablo Montoya.
4. Kimi Raikkonnen.
5. David Coulthard.
and so on.

But today I saw something else which made sense of the situation that Formula One is now with Micheal Schumacher's dominance this year.

Who would u think will win the Belgian grand prix?
1. Micheal Schumacher.
2. Some one else.

Have the organizers of the web sites got tired of this situation and grimly organize the opinion polls like this.