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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Choice narrowed to only 2....

Well I am a fan of Formula One and have been a fan of Ferrari since the last 6 years and have admired how Ferrari works hard to meet the challenges and this inspires me a lot.

With the Belgian grandprix due on Sunday, I follow up the events to each grand prix and observed something interesting. In the past, there would be a poll to determine the people's opinion. they would display a list of drivers who were potential winners and display a list of around 8 drivers so that poeple could vote. The list would be displayed like this.

Who would u think will win Sunday's grand prix?
1. Micheal Schumacher.
2. Rubens Barrichello.
3. Juan Pablo Montoya.
4. Kimi Raikkonnen.
5. David Coulthard.
and so on.

But today I saw something else which made sense of the situation that Formula One is now with Micheal Schumacher's dominance this year.

Who would u think will win the Belgian grand prix?
1. Micheal Schumacher.
2. Some one else.

Have the organizers of the web sites got tired of this situation and grimly organize the opinion polls like this.