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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Windows XP SP2

Yesterday I received my Windows XP SP2 CD and then proceeded to install it on my primary computer (mind the words primary).

Had to take precautions like cleaning out the system with spyware removal tools like Ad-aware and Spy-bot.

Finally after a long time of 2 hours, XP SP2 got installed and then proceeded with the customary steps to inform me how to protect my system. But the funny point is that even though my antivirus scanner was upto date, SP2 cautioned that the antivirus scanner was out of date. May be a future release will check if there are pending updates for antivirus scanners like how it does for windows updates.

Noticed a big deal in performance in the system after SP2. The major ones are:-

1. Outlook Express opening the home page very fast.
2. Browsing speed enhanced with broadband and also loading was instant. for eg. publishing this blog, no animation just a message that the message was uploaded.
3. Navigation in Windows was better and fast than before.
4. Rebooting is much faster even with the usual start up objects around 20.

Would love to hear from you about ur experienced with SP2.